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Features & Benefits

Durable, sturdy steel construction.

Our smoking shelters are built using a sturdy steel framing that is powder coated bronze for a lasting finish. No need to repaint or perform touch-ups. Your shelter will last even in harsh weather! The shelter panels themselves are sheets of bronze-tinted, heavy duty lexan, a durable polycarbonate that has been used to make products ranging from astronaut helmets and football helmets to industrial safety goggles. You can be sure these panels are built to last; framed in our heavy duty, powder coated steel, these panels make for a tough shelter that is built for longevity in varying outdoor conditions.

Built to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Our smoking shelters are firmly anchored into a concrete foundation that is 4 inches thick or more. With durable lexan panels securely framed by heavy duty steel, these smoking shelters are built to withstand wind, rain, and snow. These shelters are designed to last in varying outdoor conditions.

Shelter smokers from rain, wind, and snow.

Our smoking shelters come configured with three protective walls, or even four walls to shield smokers from potentially harsh weather conditions prevailing on the company premises. Wind, rain, or snow is not going to affect the smoking shelter, allowing employees under the shelter to smoke in peace.

Keeps cigarette smoke gathered in one area away from your business.

Smoking shelters are often built on an area outside your company building that is distant from major employee/client traffic. Smoking is confined to the shelter so that non-smokers passing by do not have to deal with the potentially harmful effects of second hand smoke.

Cuts down on discarded cigarette butts on the premises.

With a designated area for smoking, smokers can sit under the shelter and discard their cigarette butts in provided trashcans or ashtrays, or at least discard their butts in a small area where it is easy to clean up. This frees your company premises from unsightly cigarette butts strewn about the floor.

Can support shelter accessories such as ashtrays, trashcans, heaters, and benches.

We sell other helpful items that can be installed under the smoking shelter to account for a safe, agreeable smoking environment away from nonsmokers and company property. Ashtrays and trashcans can be installed to help keep the area free of cigarette butts and unsightly ash. Benches can be installed for employees to take a seat and have a smoke outside.

Quick and easy installation [PDF Instructions]

Our smoking shelters are easy to assemble and install. It takes 2 semi-skilled people about 2-3 hours to install the shelter. Our smoking shelters come with intuitive, step-by-step assembly and installation instructions.