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The Smoking Solution

Smoking in the workplace has been a delicate topic of discussion for many years. Some would prefer that smokers not smoke at their places of business, others think they should be able to smoke where ever they want. Is it possible to find a middle ground where everyone can be happy?

Each state varies slightly, but there are many laws written that require no discrimination against smokers. This can often be difficult to accommodate to the needs of a habit that you may potentially disagree with, but there are solutions to keep the air clean and clear at your business.

Smoking shelters provide a place for your smokers to smoke that is away from popular entries and exits. By having smokers away from your entries and exits you can keep these areas free from cigarette butts and smoke odors. A centralized place to smoke and an ashtray to collect cigarette butts goes along way towards keeping your employees happy.

So where do smoking shelters come from? There are many brands, ranging in price and quality, but most of them are produced the same way. They are constructed off site in a factory and then assembled on site. The assembly is usually simple, and happens quite quickly. Smoking shelters may require some type of concrete slab to reside upon depending on their design.

Is a smoking shelter right for your business? You’ll give smokers a place to smoke peacefully away from popular entrances, provide means to contain cigarette butts, and give shelter from the weather. Do some research and find the type of smoking shelter that meets the needs of you and your business.